Tony Crooks – Group Head Of Research & Development

22 years in IT, as general manager of LeedsNet, a web & information management services business. Is Chief Technology Officer for SME Alerts International (GB) Ltd. and Group Head of R&D for Aotea Global.
Has in-depth experience of manufacturing, production planning & management which started as an apprentice cabinet maker. Went on to design, build & manage production lines for fitted kitchen & bedroom furniture manufacturing company. Also managed a laminating department and won the Design Council Award for Craftsmanship at age 19, the youngest person in the UK to have done so at the time. Also has some engineering knowledge.
Started professional loudspeaker systems manufacturing business aged 21. Clients included UK bands such as The Police, The Moody Blues, Led Zeppelin, 10cc, also Warner/Chappell of Bond Street, and Roland UK.
Later went on to set up screen printing business for the entertainments industry & was largest supplier of printed publicity to Universities in the UK. Managed sales, production & distribution in several printing businesses.
After developing an interest in renewables in the early 1990’s, became an adviser to several developing countries on water & power. Has a very broad knowledge of different technologies and is able to bridge across different vertical technologies to produce solutions.
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