Have you just started up a software business?

So, you’ve started your new business to develop Web based Applications and you’ve partially launched but are already struggling to support your early customers.  Early difficulties, apart from  funding, might include finding or affording the support staff you need to grow your business.

We had a recent request to assist from a business that needed 4 support staff to look after customers and get to the next stage of development. They also needed a couple of developers but didn’t have the money to hire at their in-country rates.

We were able to supply 4 junior developers (all with great English language skills) to help develop the application – freeing up a couple of their own people to supply the critical customer support.  As our team became more familiar with the application they were able to rotate between development work and customer support and as their business grew, we were able to supply more developers into the rotation.

Additionally we were able to provide just the right environment to manage this customers’ requirements including 0800 numbers and ticketing – including advice and recommendations on processes to ensure best practice.

So we could help your business too – get to the next stage of growth quicker, utilise our guidance to achieve the best processes through help-desk protocols, have access to a huge pool of skilled staff at much less cost than hiring – with no HR challenges and no space requirement.

Check out how our off-shore IT resource model works.

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