Funding Challenges


Problems with Early Funding?

We cannot assist you with actual funding however, as good as.  Here’s a recent success story.

One of our SME customers was set-up by two directors, who worked in the recruitment and IT fields.  They came up with a great idea – to develop a social networking site for retaining relationships between previous employers, universities and employees. The project was different in significant ways to other similar sites, and their view was to sell to a company such as LinkedIn, after a couple of years running.

The main problem was they could only afford one software developer and their estimated time to market was over two years – spelling failure!

Our solution was to replace the single developer with three junior developers from our pool of resources, who reported direct to the directors on the project.

Consider these savings:  budget held but time to market reduced by 50%.  Overall project time reduced by fourteen months.  AoteA team of developers aided with brain-storming and problem resolution.  Having a team also meant that sickness and holidays did not slow down the development.

Reduce your time to market with off-shore resources from AGS.

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