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Investors & Startups

Investers and Venture Capitalists, maximise your investment in technology startups and entrepreneur, with cost effective outsourcing partnerhips with Aotea.

Start-ups and companies looking to expand come to you for money, maybe their story is exciting, and intriguing, but are they going to make the most of any investment you may consider granting?

Often companies, start-ups in particular, have excellent ideas but often lack enough business sense to satisfy your risk criteria. We can’t help them learn how to run a business or write business plans, but we can help them maximise their funding, secure resources and get to market quicker.

  • For them it means they may have more chance of your helping them.
  • For you it means maximising your investment.

What can we offer?

By partnering with Aotea, either yourselves or your start-up or expanding clients (see our Expanding SME Customer Story as an example), can:

  • Greatly reduce their development and support costs; we can usually offer a reduction of 4:1 against employing internally, thus stretching the budgets even further and to greater effect.
  • Reduce the time to market, by enabling your clients to vastly increase their team size and quickly providing the required skills, which might be hard to find locally.
  • Removing risks to you both by handling all HR legislation and HR headaches ourselves.
  • Provide the dedicated teams to your clients without the need for expensive facilities, space, and IT.
  • Help your clients maximise and manage their budgets with a fixed monthly cost; we won’t drop in extra costs without consultation with your clients.
  • Further reduce risk by providing a larger team than they could afford locally; thus ensuring that projects aren’t delayed by sickness, holidays or attrition, as the knowledge will be spread across a wider team
  • Allow them to benefit from our experiences in all aspects of IT, business and customer support

So, if you have start-ups, or expanding, clients who are asking for cash, then consider a partnership with Aotea; we will help maximise those investments through our partnership model and very low rates.

Say “Hello” to Aotea, email or give us a ring and let’s get together to see how we can all work towards greater success.

Tel UK and EU: +44(0)330 380 1174

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