Startup Business

Startups and entrepreneur, get to market faster, maximise your investment, attract venture capitalists and investors by partnering with Aotea’s cost effective outsourcing solutions.

So, you’ve started your new business to develop Web based, or other, Applications and you’ve partially launched but are already struggling to support your early customers.  Early difficulties, apart from funding, might include finding or affording the support staff you need to grow your business.

A partnership with Aotea works really well for start-up companies, because we understand the start-up difficulties and processes; we have been there ourselves and it is our corporate mission to help you resolve them. Partnering with Aotea makes it more likely that you will increase your chances of securing funding for your operation, as you will be able to demonstrate a sharp awareness of value as part of your business plan. 

If any of the following points resonate with you, please do get in touch with us.

  • Worried about your operational costs?
  • Trying to reduce your ‘go to market’ time-frame?
  • Concerned that securing the right IT staff is expensive and difficult?
  • Are you concentrating on IT and development issues at the expense of driving your business? 

Partnering with Aotea removes these issues whilst letting you keep control of your ideas and business, we just take away your problems.


  • Well, we build your off-shore team, dedicated to you, but employed by us. They report and work with you as if they were directly employed in your office.
  • We provide the office space, facilities, management and other aspects, so no extra or hidden costs to you.
  • As we employ them you have no exposure to HR legislation or HR management complexity.
  • Fixed fees, allowing you to easily budget 
  • We can provide you with skilled resources at a ratio of up to 4:1, so that your team of 4 developers you dreamed of can be a reality.
  • All this means that you can keep to your budgets whilst greatly increasing your skills pool and massively reduce your time to market


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