Richard Burke – Group CEO

Richard Burke AoteA

Richard started as an 80s 8bit geek with a ZX81 and Atari 800xl, moved into PCs and Novell networking in the early 90s, then into x.500, Identity Management and Security late 90s through 2000s and Business Consultancy and General management from thereon. 

He has worked in almost every role in IT from making cardboard boxes in which to package PCs, through Technical Manager in a PC production works, Technical Support Manager, Head of IT, Architect, Senior Architect, Consultant, CIO, General Manager of MSPs, Service Delivery Manager and Consultant. Has been responsible for multiple international teams ranging from IT Support, Service Desk, Development, Pre-Sales and Delivery, Sales Teams, Project Management Offices, Business Processing and more. 

Richard has worked in practically every industry including Finance, Insurance, Media, Television, Government (local and central), Telecoms, Health Care, Education, Entertainment, Manufacturing, Retail, Charities. He has worked with all types of companies from Start Ups, through SMEs to Multi-nationals, and in most continents including Europe, North America, Australasia, Asia, Middle East and Africa.

He is a keen sailor and fisherman, enjoys the Craft, hiking, camping, gaming and is also partial to the odd pint or 2.

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