About Us

The Story Of AoteA

Our Mission
To enable SMEs, Start Ups and Charities to achieve their own goals and extend their enterprises by providing skilled and reasonably priced resources.
Our Values
To be customer-centric at all times, to be open, warm, friendly and virtuous in our business dealings and enable our staff to achieve their full potential.
Our Difference
We don’t bid on one-off projects and always take a consultative approach, particularly over price and engagement. We facilitate our customers’ growth.

Partner With AoteA To Enable Your Success

Founded to enable offshore development offices for SMEs, start-ups and newbies. We want them to be able to benefit from the cost savings and skills available in developing countries, but also to provide a starting point, career and security for some of the thousands of skilled resources in those poorer countries.

Offshore Development Offices

Originally founded in New Zealand about 3 years ago. We now operate in Australasia, North America, Asia. Recently we have set up an operation in the UK and the Nordics. We have considerable expertise in outsourcing and our directors have great experience in all areas of IT, in management and at the coalface. This expertise is at your disposal. The entrepreneurial spirit and values on which AoteA was founded still guide us. We continue to set the standard for uncompromising customer support and technical leadership.

Since AoteA’s formation, we have become a proven partner to businesses in need of offshore development offices.

Our offshore offices and technical resources are based in East Africa and South East Asia but managed using the very best business practices and fully owned by British and American partners. As we are able to avail ourselves of skills at lower than European rates, we pass the savings on to our customers through lower charges.

So what is the origin of AoteA?


Aotea (canoe) Wikipedia

In Māori tradition, Aotea is one of the canoes by which Māori migrated to New Zealand.

It is particularly associated with the tribes of Taranaki and Whanganui, including Ngāti Ruanui and other tribal groups.

Aotea was a double canoe built by Toto from half of a great tree from Hawaiki. The other half being used for the canoe Matahourua. Toto gave Aotea to his daughter Rongorongo, who was married to Turi. In strife with the chief Uenuku, Turi killed the chief’s son and thereafter had to flee for New Zealand with 33 passengers. During the voyage, they stopped at Rangitahua[1] and encountered some of the crew from the Kurahaupō canoe (Craig 1989:24). The Aotea canoe arrived at Aotea Harbour on the west coast of the North Island, and its people eventually settled in the Taranaki region.

AoteA Global Services traverse the World, not by the most luxurious, and definitely not the most expensive means.

Just like the Maoris, which is why we chose this as our company standard.

Why AoteA?

We are seen by our customers as open, honest, cost effective and get them where they need to be.

We partner with our customers, to facilitate their growth, by keeping costs low, skills high and available.

Aotea share the differences in costs between Developed and Developing Worlds, with our staff and customers, keeping our margins low so that both our clients and our staff benefit to the maximum.

Nothing Is Hidden

Aotea is based completely on honesty and openness, we don't drop unexpected charges on our clients and should their needs exceed their purchased hours or services, we discuss things with them.

We help our customers avoid the complexities of Human Resource challenges, space & infrastructure.

We want to be close to you, work with you, whilst letting you retain complete control on your ideas, IP, projects and so forth.