Rethinking IT Outsourcing: The New IT Offshoring


New Book Shows the Superiority of the New IT Offshoring Over Traditional IT Outsourcing and How Organizations Can Benefit from the Global Talent Mobility Mega Trend

For far too long, traditional IT outsourcing companies have been in the driver’s seat. The promise of IT offshoring done right is that it puts organizations employing it in the driver’s seat.

OLNEY, MD – August 1, 2018 – The bad news is that most IT professionals equate “IT outsourcing” with “failure” and “disaster.”  The good news is that traditional outsourcing is on its way out, along with its associated headaches and well-deserved poor reputation.  A new book lauded by award-winning IT professionals and business thinkers shows what’s on its way in: a new paradigm called IT offshoring.

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Aotea In Zimbabwe And Future Changes To Our Website

Victoria Falls Rainbow

As part of AoteA’s commitment to Africa and the African people we are very pleased to announce that AoteA Global is now operational and fully licensed to trade in Zimbabwe. This brings our African presence to include Tanzania, South Africa and Zimbabwe.

As part of our expansion across the globe we are also expanding into markets other than software development and support services.

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