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Public sector reduced funding? Cost effective developers? Aotea can help you meet your public sector targets with reduced budgets bu specialised outsourcing for local authorities.

In these times when Government funding to Local Authorities is reducing, year on year, we recognise the challenges facing the Local Authorities to sustain the Service Level Agreements, assignments and targets, previously agreed, or dictated; we have a viable solution to help you beat those challenges.

Your budgets have been cut back, so something has to give; reduce the scope of service or reduce your headcount; either way, your customer, staff or reputation suffer.

Consider the AoteA Off-shore Service Offerings:

AoteA is an experienced offshore IT service provider.  Our model is simple, highly flexible, secure and tailored to suit you.

We provide dedicated and tailored teams of mixed-skill technical resources to assist in most IT areas, including software development, helpdesk, network management and business process support.

Our specialist resources are based in East Africa and South East Asia and work as a team exclusively for you the customer, in a typical ‘branch office experience’, except that you do not have the HR challenges or space overhead.  Your team of AoteA owned and managed technical resources can be assembled and dis-assembled quickly and are typically available on a 1,2 or 3 year agreement on a 24 x 7 basis.

Your AGS teams will be located at our premises, and supervised by our managers. The team reports directly to you, or to your senior specialists and managers, with as much or as little involvement from our Management team as you require. 

Your dedicated team(s) will work to and report via your existing processes, adhering to your security and organisational standards. The team uses your systems and applications, your storage, under your senior or management teams and thus they are truly part of your organisation; you just don’t have to worry about their HR, payroll, IT and facilities. This also means that your data and applications are all held centrally at your locations, ensuring that data protection and security requirements are met.

Our charging model however is based on East African and South East Asian rates and are usually at least 30% to 60% less expensive than UK rates; often it is possible to provide 4 skilled technical resources to 1 similarly qualified UK resource.

Here’s an example of how this might work for you:

The preferred Aotea model is for us to facilitate offshore teams of junior to mid-range developers, QA or IT support or service desk operatives, whilst you retain your highly skilled and valuable senior people. This allows you to ensure your retention of data, ideas, intellectual property, whilst passing the donkey-work to your AGS team.

The Aotea Teams can be made up of multiple skills, such as a team of 3 junior developers, a mid-range developer, a QA person and a support person; all of whom can report to your team lead. We are completely flexible and dynamic, but will always ensure that your team remains your team; they aren’t shared with our other customers. AGS’s Western management team look after them, provide advice, guidance, HR, and act as points of escalation for our customers.

For this model we recommend a minimum of Aotea resources per team, under a team leader or manager form the customer. How the team is utilised, managed in projects is entirely up to you, you can involve them in daily or weekly project management meetings or SCRUMs, they are your team so will fit in with your work practices.

The same operational model applies for a Service Desk, helpdesk, offering; you retain your Service Desk Manager, required on-site technical leads and engineers, whilst you engage an A team to handle Level 1 incidents (generally these make up 80% of all calls to the service desk). The Aotea team also handles lengthy and intensive tasks such as reporting generation, monitoring checks and customer feedback or call-back. An Aotea Service Desk can cover up to 24×7 support, but can be tailored downwards. 

Please note, if Senior Support people are required from Aotea they may be shared with other customers as their workload per customer could be quite low. However, they can be retained fully by any one customer upon agreement.

Any mixture of the above can be agreed upon, a good model for customers who need Service Desk, Support and Development, with application support, is for a rotating model of Aotea developers working as 3rd level support with the Service Desk, with the Service Desk and, or, engineer providing development operators.

Prices for this can be negotiated, but would be based upon a combination for a Service Desk and development / support teams.

As well as the models above we can offer rarer resource, such as SharePoint and SAP, at significantly less expensive rates than are the norm in the UK.

Now that you better understand the unique way we work, when would be a good time to ring you to discuss how we can assist you to maintain your services whilst working with reduced budgets?

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