Expanding Business


Off-shore Development Centre with some support

This customer has a successful business and customer base, but realised they were limiting their growth due to application and customer support restrictions; simply not enough resources to support all of their customers. Several problems were limiting their recruitment ability:

  • Finding suitable in-country resources
  • Space in which to house the required new resources, would have required a highly expensive office move
  • Uncertainty of the duration of the requirements for extra staff – local employment legislation was a major concern

Aotea was able to provide a large mixed team of developers, QA and support resources at our off-shore locations, dedicated to this customer.

  • The customer also visited the Aotea’s offices to provide training to their team.
  • Customer was able to launch the next stage of their growth now that they had sufficient support staff
  • Access to large numbers of skilled staff, quickly enabling their growth
  • As Aotea provides the locations, IT and facilities, the customer was able to increase their pool of resources without increasing their office space costs.
  • The resources were employed by Aotea, thus the customer had no need to concern himself with local employment legislation.

Aotea’s off-shore offices provide dedicated pools of resources to our customers, greatly increasing available resource without their recourse to office space, recruitment and employment legislation.

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