Electronics Engineering

AoteA Electronics Engineering

Have you got the Design Ideas for your start-up but lack access to the Technical Skills needed?

We were contacted by an SME who were building prototype sea-going drones.  These guys had all the design expertise and environmental knowledge but lacked the technical resources to develop the software to get the job done.

We were engaged to design and develop the advanced electronics and the software to control and drive their drones – we provided a team of 4 developers and 1 specialist electronics engineer.  The collaboration helped shape the project through GPS, compass, radio communications between drone and control tablet, as well as use and analysis of the camera and sonar functions.

Together we also developed a mobile application running on iOS and Android to allow drone configuration along with real-time  monitoring of the camera and sonar read-outs, tracking of the drone’s whereabouts and GPS location for destination guidance.

The Aotea delivery included getting the project finished, with a cost reduction of 70% from initial estimates and project completion time reduced by 90%.

Aotea is able to provide SME start-ups with an entrepreneurial mindset for significant value adds to our customers’ businesses.

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