This document outlines the extensive research and experiences that Aotea’s Management collated in order to make the decision to buck the outsourcing trend and move our operations to Africa. Or click here for our dedicated Tanzanian page.


The AoteA Network Operations Centre looks after your environment 24×7, notifying you of problems, resolving those that occur and providing you with regular reports.

This service provides monitoring and reporting for SMEs, corporates, enterprises and carriers.

We provide multi-vendor and multi-technology networks, applications, VoIP, servers and IT infrastructure support.


Our 24 x 7 Service Desk Teams build upon the Network Operations Centre teams functionality and service, providing tailored ITIL IT Help-Desk, or Service Desk to our customers.

We can provide teams to cover your specific time zone(s) unto full 24 x 7 service and response, with a selection basic Level 1 (trouble-shooting, user change requests, simple resolution and ticket logging) and Level 2 (engineering, server and advanced resolutions) or a combination tailored to your requirements.


AoteA understands and works well with not for profit organisations; our whole ethos is about driving down cost, whist ensuring quality.

Significantly reduce your costs! Cost reductions of between 2 and 4:1 – imagine being able to hire 4 developers for the price of 1 and with No infrastructure costs, no office costs, no employment legislation and no HR headaches.


AoteA understands the problems faced by start-ups, trying to get a product to market in time and on budget; we can help you reduce your time to market whilst remaining within your budget.

We can greatly reduce your financial outlay by providing you with the dedicated developers you need to complete your products set and support it. We can help you get to market quicker, avoid complex HR legislation and obtain skills more easily.


AoteA has significant experience working with MSPs from many countries. We understand the resourcing issues, the HR headaches and the cost of retaining enough Engineers.

You need to improve revenue without thrashing your resources and it might be that recurring revenues are not covering your costs. If you cannot justify hiring more resources at UK rates or you are interested to learn how you could avail yourself of technical resources from our large pool of skilled IT people, then read on..


AoteA provides skilled specialists, with all of the latest skills, REST, Cloud, SaaS, mobile, Web, .Net, Java, Ruby and so on. This brochure discusses how AoteA Offshore Development Centres can work with your company, providing you with all of the benefits that AoteA offers.

The changing trends of application usage and development can lead to re-training cost, changes in direction of strategy and adoption of new technology. Aotea Global Services uses all the latest technologies and strategies. The potential ratio of 3 or 4 of our developers for the price of 1 of your own is attractive and can include QA and Testing, SCRUM and Project Managers.

Budget is tight, and you are short on resources. One way to solve this problem is to hire offshore contractors, who are often less expensive and easy to increase and decrease as needed. Hiring outsourced contractors is an excellent way to address this need. The problem is that hiring outsourced contractors, directly or through an outsource partner, often does not work out well in practice, especially for software development.

Aotea offers you the most cost effective options for supporting your staff and customers.


You are thinking of outsourcing some technical work to a 3rd party…

So here’s the thing. The way to gain the benefits from outsourcing whilst ‘avoiding the failings is to offshore’, not Outsource.

We are Aotea Global and are classed as an “outsource provider” and as such we feel we have a responsibility to share some of the failings from which customers who have outsourced through other providers have suffered.