Aotea In Zimbabwe And Future Changes To Our Website

Victoria Falls Rainbow

As part of AoteA’s commitment to Africa and the African people we are very pleased to announce that AoteA Global is now operational and fully licensed to trade in Zimbabwe. This brings our African presence to include Tanzania, South Africa and Zimbabwe.

As part of our expansion across the globe we are also expanding into markets other than software development and support services.

We now have solutions that support sustainable growth and agriculture for Africa and Asia but which are also adoptable to be applied in Britain, America, Australasia and Europe. Also we have added eGovernment solutions from our partnership programme that greatly improve land registration and planning processes which help to increase productivity and reduce corruption, as well as reducing losses of land and investment to ordinary people by centralising and digitalising the planning systems.

We are working closely with local Zimbabweans, Zimbabwean charities and Government officials to help Zimbabwe develop and grow and maintain the new optimism that has sprung up recently. A local Chieftain has lent us some land and a workshop so that we can start to employ local people assembling parts for the agriculture projects we are working on, and later on electronics engineering and other products which we will take across Africa, and further.

Over time we should see a great investment into Zimbabwe, creating local jobs and wealth and helping the new Government take their country back to the World stage with greatly reduced corruption and better support for business and citizens.

By operating legally in Zimbabwe, Tanzania and South Africa we are now able to offer skilled staff on-site in these, and other areas across Africa, as well as offer the ability to trade here to our customers and partners. So if you need some people on the ground in Africa, or need some software development, service desk or support then we are the people to talk to with our dedicated remote branch office approach. We are the new outsourcing model.

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