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There are differences between the world’s two types of Elephants. There are differences between traditional outsourcing and the new off-shoring models, find out what they are and why you should follow the African Elephants!

Build your dream with Aotea!

  • Struggling to maintain new development because you’re too busy supporting your legacy apps?
  • Getting pressure from the board because they want the new initiatives but you can’t hire more permanent staff?
  • Losing your good staff to competitors because they are stuck doing the menial tasks when they should be playing with the cool stuff?
  • Trying to maintain a work-life balance while supporting your company’s IT infrastructure 24/7?
  • Wasting good support staff answering the phones and doing menial admin work because you can’t get cost-effective support?
  • Managing tired and demotivated staff, who spend all their time fixing and never get to implement the new, cool tech?

If you answered “yes” to any of those questions then you really need to talk to us!

We facilitate a remote branch office integrated into your IT environment, secured to your standards with a team dedicated to you.

•    Application / Software development
•    Network operations centers and monitoring
•    ITIL and Service Desks
•    Electronics EngineeringAoteA has a worldwide presence:
Countries we currently service:
  • Britain
  • USA
  • Canada
  • New Zealand
  • Europe
  • South Africa
Operations are based in:
  • Tanzania
  • Zimbabwe

Aotea Difference:

  • No hidden costs –fixed monthly invoice
  • Continuity – dedicated resources only work for you
  • Agility – you control the staff’s day-to-day tasks, give them your backlog and you prioritize during each sprint
  • Culture – staff are introduced to your company culture, you get to choose them too
  • Security – You have control over your systems and data as the infrastructure is embedded with your systems and processes
  • Communications – all staff speak excellent, British English, with clear accents
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